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  • Chief Minister of Johor  

    Dato' Abdul Ghani bin Othman
  • Deputy Minister of MSIA 

    Y.B. Datuk Wee Jeck Seng
  • Deputy Minister of MSIA 

    Y.B. Datuk Dr. Wee Ka Siong
  • Morocco Mayor  

    Mr. Yahdih Bouchaab


First and foremost, it is my great pleasure to congratulate Intelligent Education Group in organizing the 1Malaysia Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic International Competition 2010.


I would also like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Intelligent Education Group for taking a significant step forward in expanding their education business in West Malaysia, East Malaysia and overseas countries.

Children are the future leaders of our country. In the era of globalization, competitions and challenges arise from time to time. Only the best should be acquired for the children to equip them with the knowledge and skills to tackle those challenges. Therefore, it is understandable and right that parents will go to great lengths to give their children the best in childhood education hence increase the likelihood of their success in life.


Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic (IMA) Programme is not only helping children in the ability of calculation but also in developing their right brain which will lead to a total brain development and enhance their creativity and thinking abilities. I believe that more talented children will be cultivated through IMA Programme innovative teaching methods and professional experiences. This will indeed provide Malaysia with abundance of talents to spearhead innovation and creativity.


It is my sincere hope that more children will benefit from the IMA Programme and be equipped with the basics for a promising future.


Lastly, I wish all participants good luck in the competition and wish all of you success in future endeavours towards achieving academic excellence.







First and foremost may I congratulate Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic in organising the Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic National Competition 2008.

As we know, the program of Abacus calculation & Mental Arithmetic is a good at contribution to the whole brain development of individual. It builds the ability to calculate fast and accurately. Students are guided to use their mental ability. Children play the most important role in deciding the future of a country and it is important to cultivate the optimal education for children. In order to be a strong nation, we must first have knowledge people, and to have knowledgeable people, the excellent education must be provided.

I am sure the Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic Sdn. Bhd. will achieve great success in providing its students a good brain development programme. We shall be able to see children to gain such benefits in the near future.

Finally, I wish the participants good luck in the competition and wish all of you success in future endeavours towards achieving academic excellence.

Congratulation to Intelligent!

Thank you.




On behalf of the Malaysia Ministry of Education, I would like to send a message of congratulation to Intelligent Education Group in organizing the IMA Mental Arithmetic International Competition 2008.

Besides, my foremost congratulation is extended to MR. SAM TAI and his education group for moving a significant step forward in expanding their education business in south Johor and receiving international recognition in overseas.
Children are the paramount concern of parents and also the future of all nations. They have to face their challenges and competitions ahead. Hence, effective teaching methods and teaching materials could help the children to cope the competitive world. We believe that it is our duty and responsibility of our present generation to do something for our future generations.

Intelligent Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic Course is not only helping children in the ability of calculation but also in developing their right brain. With this effective course, I strongly believe that Intelligent will bring up more talented children through their innovative teaching methods and professional experience.

Lastly, I hope Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic would create the atmosphere of learning Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic and carry forward the benefits of learning Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic (IMA) Course.

Thank you.





First and foremost, as Morocco mayor, I would like to show my gratitude to IMA Education Group for the introduction of Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic Programme to Morocco since 2013.


The Master Franchisee of Morocco, Mr. Noureddine Benmalek, has been putting a great deal of endeavor in promoting the education of abacus and mental-arithmetic in our country.


As we know, the development of a young kid’s brain affects physical and mental health, capacity to learn, and behaviour throughout childhood and adult life. The sculpting and wiring of billions of neurons in the early years establish the base for developing competence and coping skills later.  For this reason, we hope the children in Morocco will gain the benefits from IMA Programme. Education is a great equalizer if all children have an equal opportunity to take advantage of it. I have the confidence that the education team in Morocco would launch and sustain broad action in early child development by promoting abacus and mental-arithmetic programme which will be helpful to enhance children’s left and right brains. It helps them prepare to succeed and to develop into the healthier and more productive adults. Last and definitely not least, I strongly believe that children are our future. By providing them the best education at their early age, we are also investing for the economic and community development for our country.


Thank you.


Mr. Yahdih Bouchaab

The Mayor of Morocco -2013