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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility, or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is the concept that an organization has obligations not just to conduct its business but also to look out for the welfare of the community and society. In its most basic terms, corporate responsibility can come down to the ethics of a business. Companies can display their commitment to corporate responsibility in many ways- some give to charities, others organize community events, sponsor causes, or make a firm commitment to be eco-friendly.


Community Relations

A key priority for a socially responsible business is to develop and maintain strong and mutually beneficial relationships with its community. Businesses that take an active interest in community well-being can generate community support, loyalty and goodwill. This is often referred to as building your "social license to operate", an important business objective for any business. Businesses have relationships in their local communities, sharing common interests. As such, it is valuable to spend some time considering how to leverage your relationships on mutually beneficial initiatives. It is possible to enhance business performance, profitability and your reputation through your community involvement efforts.


Educating for the Future

Education is the key to a better future for all our children. Hence, every childhood education and learning systems are important in equipping young children with the right physical, mental and emotional conditions to grow into balanced, talented and creative adults that will be the pillars of society. At Intelligent, continual improvement is of the essence. We're heightening our commitment to providing every child with the opportunities to achieve their full potential and helping the educational systems around the globe produce talented and creative young generation to meet the demands of the 21st century.


Charitable Giving

Intelligent Education Group has benefited from the support of the community and wants to give back to society wherever possible. Intelligent is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in the worldwide community we serve. As an international corporate citizen, Intelligent Education Group recognizes the importance of contributing to the communities it serves. Through corporate donations and other forms of support, Intelligent provides backing to a wide range of local community groups and charity organizations. As schools provide a strong academic foundation for our young, we have contributed to numerous educational programmes and events.


IMA Charity Foundation

Intelligent Education Group is planning to set up a charity foundation in the near future. This is our new initiative to fulfill corporate social responsibilities, as well as our long-term commitment to give back to the society. The IMA Charity Foundation which is a non-public fundraising foundation aims to pool charitable efforts to help children in need or from low-income families. At the beginning, we will start launching the IMA Scholarship under the IMA Charitable Foundation. It can help the outstanding children of Intelligent Education Group who required financial assistance to pursue their studies. In addition, we are going to organize some campaigns to encourage our own people volunteering their time to help at local charities such as orphanages or old folks homes. All of the IMA instructors are clear about their attempts to do something meaningful for the community.