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A small learning centre was set up in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It was a centre with limited classrooms and teachers. The teachers worked hard to find the best teaching method for the students. Owing to the progressive growing students, the dimension of the centre was doubled so that more facilities and manpower could be included. Besides, the management team was also constituted from this year. The students' registration process was computerized to serve our customers better. The fee collection and the students' profile were recorded in the management system so that our executives could make each process more efficient.


Founded in 1997, Intelligent Education Group is headquartered in Johor Bahru, West Malaysia. With the development from a small learning centre to a professional academy of abacus and mental-arithmetic, we strive to upgrade and improve our services and programmes for the betterment of all students continuously. We are dedicated to ensure that our lesson delivery, teaching methodologies, facilities and academic quality would be the best value to our students. In 1997, we have started up the launching of Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic (IMA) Programme and the operation of the franchising business in Malaysia.


At the beginning, the franchise business was expanded in Johor state. With the complete franchising system support in the management and administration, the franchises have been established at different housing areas or territory around Johor state.Gradually, many enthusiastic franchisees from other states in Peninsular Malaysia joined Intelligent Education Group. Besides, the franchisees from the two states from East Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak also introduced our IMA Programme to their states. Franchisees received our fully support from the start-up planning until the operation of their business when they decided to choose Intelligent Education Group as their career partner.


In order to evaluate and encourage IMA students among the franchises, the 1st Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic Competition was held at Pulai Springs International Resort in 2006. We cordially invited DULI YANG MAHA MULIA RAJA ZARITH SOFIAH BINTI ALMARHUM SULTAN IDRIS SHAH to officiate the ceremony. All of the participants enjoyed the competition. They showed their best performance during the competition. There were clowns and magic shows, educational seminars and other children activities in the carnival.


After the application and evaluation process, we have officially become the council member of the World Association of Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic (WAAMA) in China since 2007.The participation enables Intelligent Education Group to stay in touch with the larger abacus and mental-arithmetic community for the purpose to sustain professional development. The quality research in abacus and mental-arithmetic has been supported and encouraged by the worldwide community.


With the continuous investigation by our experienced professionals in research and development department, our patent abacus, 'New Era Abacus', was born. Besides, we successfully expanded the franchise business in Palestine and Pakistan. The education of abacus and mental-arithmetic received tremendous response and support in the countries. The 2nd Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic International Competition was held at Persada Johor Convention Centre. It was officiated by Y.B. Datuk Wee Jeck Seng, former Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Development in Malaysia.


Intelligent Education Group has been putting emphasis on Internet marketing since the beginning of the 21st century. We launched IMA Programme in Myanmar in the first quarter of 2009 with a grand opening ceremony. In the same year, we officially sanctioned by the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives & Consumerism as well as the Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi Dan Kepenggunaan.


Intelligent Education Group expanded the market in Egypt and Vietnam. Meanwhile, launch of a series of Intelligent Creative Thinking Programme. It is a kind of thinking-based learning which activates students' incredible potential. In addition, we hosted the 3rd Biennial Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic International Competition in Persada Johor Convention Centre in December.


In the last few years, we have made many improvements bringing our IMA Programme to the World Stage. Intelligent Education Group further expanded the education of IMA Programme in Turkey. As a series of media interviews were made, Intelligent Education Group fast expanded to 20 franchise centres in Turkey. On the other hand, Intelligent Education Group has been accredited by Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA) since this year.


It was a significant landmark and fruitful year for Intelligent Education Group. After getting MOE approval, we started launching IMA Programme in Singapore and the Philippines. Furthermore, the 4th Biennial Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic International Competition was successfully held at Genting Highlands International Convention Centre. The event attracted thousands of local and overseas participants.


Intelligent Education Group is growing rapidly and expanding both domestically and globally. Currently, we have expanded the education of IMA Programme in Sudan, Oman, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The board of Directors targets to expand the franchise network all over the world to popularize abacus and mental-arithmetic education.


Intelligent Education Group continues to grow and expand to European and African countries, including Iran, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. In addition, we hosted the IMA International Competition 2014 at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore.


This year is a fruitful year for our group. We have successfully introduced our programme to Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Tukmenistan and Tajikistan.