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As a professional institution of education, having a professional and strong education group is the best way for goal implementation. In order to guarantee the teaching quality, the programme instructors who we employ must go through the professional training. Besides, their qualification and all the teaching methods were authenticated by INTELLIGENT global principal office.

We are not only emphasizing student's computation ability by using abacus, but also the training and developing their right brain, for the purpose to achieve "kill two birds with one stone". Therefore our professional instructors are strictly controlled the teaching quality and relaxing teaching methods which enable the children to acquire the best guidance under a relaxing environment.

Since the course is divided into many levels, the programme instructors are required to attend the training course at the global principal office non-periodically in order to grasp the best teaching method. In the meantime, certificate will be awarded to the instructor who has completed and passed the examination of each level in IMA programme.


Staff Training

Intelligent Education Group provides ongoing professional training course to programme instructors. It helps them make full preparations before they start teaching.

These training courses consist of management training, IMA Programme teaching technique, practical training, promotion, presentation as well as employee training. It will be of benefit to those who are lack of the experience, knowledge or skills in Abacus and Mental - Arithmetic programme.

Upon approval of an application and the successful signing of the instructor agreement, a series of intensive training programmes will be provided to the instructors. During the training period, all the related details concerning the characteristics, management system, legal and the marketing of the business will be discussed and guided.


Career Opportunities

With the right attitude, anything is possible at Intelligent Education Group. We invest heavily in training and offer a variety of programmes for all our instructors. Our aim is always to keep and reward the very best.

Hence, each year most of the company's management positions are filled via internal promotions and transfers. Currently, we have over 300 franchise projects in development around the world, so the opportunities are endless.

Intelligent Education Group is expanding in Southeast Asia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. That means there are plenty of career opportunities for people who are interested in teaching.

INTELLIGENT family comes from many different backgrounds. They have worked in many other fields before and have a lot of teaching experience. Besides, they share a passion for teaching the values and skills to students and help them achieve their best in a rapidly-changing environment.