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INTELLIGENT Education Group was incorporated in 1997. It has promoted the education of Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic with the development from a learning centre to an education group of Mental-Arithmetic today; from promoting Abacus & Mental-Arithmetic only to the private sector to an education institution which received overwhelming responses from parents and members of the public, but also recognition from the official authorities. In 2007, INTELLIGENT officially became the council member of the World Association of Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic ( WAAMA ASSOCIATION ) in China. During these years, we have put in continual effort in improving our course contents to accommodate the local standard of Abacus & Mental-Arithmetic. Our course instructors are striving days and nights in order to acquire effective teaching methods so that our students could be taught with the best teaching methods and learn effectively.

INTELLIGENT offers Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic ( IMA ) Course. We adopt the unique teaching methods to teach the students and make sure that they have strong foundation under a joyful environment.

The copyright on "New Era Abacus" belongs to Intelligent Education Group. It is a kind of psychological effect of colours. The right brain will have a higher sensitivity through the photosensitive vision to the red and yellow colours. It also helps the cerebrum to form a clear imagination for beads, strengthens the concentration of right brain images and improves the study efficiency.


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Business Opportunity

Currently, we are expanding our business and looking forward to inviting aspiring individuals to operate the franchise business throughout the market in Malaysia and overseas. In addition, we strongly recommend our progammes and believe that the potential market is still growing; hence, we are devoting ourselves to the further expansion of franchises business. Besides, we hope to lead our programmes to a higher academic performance together with all valued members.